The Church’s practical theology is currently being lived out within three distinct cultural expressions: Industrial Age, Information Age, and the emerging Augmented Age. Most of our churches gather within Industrial Age thinking—putting money in offering plates, registering worship attendance on a pew pad or registration card, or phone tree reminders for upcoming events. Fewer of our churches are living into Information Age thinking—online giving, QR codes for worship attendance, and texting or email services to share programmatic information. Fewer still are adopting the current cultural reality of the Augmented Age—auto draft from digital currency gains, geofencing campuses, or intuitive devotion technology.

In this fun, interactive Fresh Starts Exchange, Matt Rawle will both detail why living into the Augmented Age is important for our communities of faith and offer practical and innovative steps to sharing Jesus within a new, emerging culture. It is only one session lasting from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at Mason United Methodist Church. Lunch will be provided by the Christian Family Credit Union.

Rawle is the Lead Pastor at Asbury United Methodist Church in Bossier City, Louisiana and a graduate from both LSU School of Music and Duke Divinity School. He is an international speaker who loves to tell an old story in a new way, especially at the intersection of pop culture and the church. Matt is also the author of The Heart that Grew Three SizesThe Grace of Les MisérablesWhat Makes a Hero?,  The Faith of a MockingbirdHollywood JesusThe Salvation of Doctor Who, and The Redemption of Scrooge

Rawle and his wife Christie have four kids: Isabelle, Annaleigh, Cecilia, and Robert.