Video Series On Caring For Trauma Survivors

Trauma seems to be all around us- in the news, in our communities, and in our churches. The Trauma Informed Ministry (TIM) series was created for ministry leaders- lay and clergy. This series includes 4 short videos and a guidebook on trauma-informed ministry. Below you will find four short informational videos which introduce what trauma is and how to identify effects, how to engage persons who have experienced trauma, how to create trauma-sensitive spaces, and how to protect your volunteers and staff from developing vicarious trauma. These videos can stand alone or be combined with the guidebook for small group conversations, volunteer trainings, and more. 

Trauma Informed Ministry Video: Understand the Effects
Trauma Informed Ministry Video: Recovering From Trauma & Care for the Trauma-Informed Faith Worker
Trauma Informed Ministry Video: Understanding and Working with Developmental Trauma
Trauma Informed Ministry Video: Grounding Techniques